Rebuild Your Credit Score


Build Your Credit with a Credit Builder Loan!

Building your credit and keeping a good credit score is important. If you had excellent credit and for some reason, it has suffered or if you have never had credit and you plan on getting a car loan or credit card, renting a car, a house, or an apartment, purchasing insurance, or applying for a job; you will need to prove you are responsible when it comes to paying off your debt.

That's where your credit score comes in. GRANCO has great options to help you maintain good credit, improve your credit, or build new credit, here’s how. 


  1. If you have a loan and you have had an upward movement in your credit score, maybe it’s time to see if we can get you a lower rate. GRANCO can look at your current loan and credit score and possibly offer a refinance at a better rate.

    Better rate, better payments, better score.

  2. Has there been a decrease in your credit score? This may indicate there is a problem. Give GRANCO a call. We can look at your current credit and loan situation and help come up with a financial solution to stop the negative trend with your credit score which will help you now and in the future.

    Catch it early, financial solution, better score.

  3. Do you need credit? With a GRANCO Credit Builder Loan, the money you borrow is secured in a Savings account with dividends paid on the money while you make payments and establish your credit. The money becomes available in your account when the loan is paid in full. Maintaining scheduled payments for a minimum of six months will allow the payment history to be reflected on your credit report.

    Credit Builder Loan, make scheduled payments, build credit.

So, let's start today and build your credit.

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