Spending Simplified


Send Money, the Simple Way

GRANCO offers a simple way to send and receive money. With just a mobile number, email address or routing and account information, you can send a personal payment. No need to write a check or visit an ATM. Simply specify the amount, frequency and date of payments using Popmoney.

Popmoney uses the same secure system banks and credit unions use to move money. As a GRANCO member, this is a convenient way to transfer money to people you know or owe, whether it be an individual or a group. Personal payments are great for:


• Club Memberships – Collect monthly or annual dues

• Fundraising – Pool your resources together

• Living Expenses – Pay a landlord or reimburse a roommate

• College Life – Send your child money

• Split the Bill – Square up with your friends

• Personal Gifts – Send the gift of money

• Small Business Invoices – Pay vendors, invoice customers or send electronic payments to employees


How it Works

Log in to GRANCO’s online banking or mobile app and use your recipient’s email, mobile number or account information. You can even send a personalized eGreeting to the recipient with simple instructions on how to deposit money online.

Standard delivery speed is three business days with the option to do a next day transfer.. Recipients can enable auto-deposit to accept payments automatically. You are notified when the transaction is completed.

It only costs $0.50 to $2.00 each time you send money, depending on the size of the transaction and delivery speed. Receiving money is always free.


Get Started

Ready to tap into the convenience of sending money to virtually anyone in the U.S.? GRANCO Federal Credit Union offers secure personal payments to and from friends, family and more. Not yet enrolled in online banking? Enroll today! Call 1.509.754.5233 to get started.


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